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iceman22's Journal

Granny Janny
25 October
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hey all! i like lots of stuff. i eat a lot. im really lazy. i love my friends and my family. i laugh a lot and loud. my friends are silly.
alvin and the chipmunks, american dreams, anberlin, anne hathaway, apple juice, arbys, ashley olsen, babysitters club, bananas, blankets, bleach, bobble heads, bono, books, bookstores, boys, breathing, captain crunch, care bears, cds, chapstick, cheesecake, chester christian bookstore, chicken soup, christian rock, christianity, christians, clogs, concerts, counting crows, dawsons creek, dc talk, disney channel, dumb and dumber, elf, erik von detton, everyday sunday, family, festival con dios, ffh, flip flops, fm static, food, fraggle rock, friends, full house, funny things, gilmore girls, girl scout cookies, gobstoppers, god, growing pains, guitars, gummi bears, gummy bears, hey dude, hilary duff, holding hands, hollywood stock exchange, home improvement, hugh grant, hugs, ice cream, jeremy camp, jesus, jetsons, john cusack, john rueben, jonathan taylor thomas, larue, laughing, lizzie mcquire, lotion, mac and cheese, mac powell, mandy moore, mary kate olsen, mary rice hopkins, mcdonalds, meg cabot, michael j fox, milkshakes, milo ventimiglia, movies, music, my little pony, natalie portman, oc supertones, old navy, olsen twins, panera, peaches, peanuts gang, pictures, pizza hut, potatoes, princess diaries, pumas, rainbow sprinkles, reading, relient k, robert schwartzmann, robin jones gunn, salute your shorts, salvation army, sanctus real, sandra bullock, saved by the bell, say anything, see spot rock, seven places, sitting, skillet, sleep, smiles, sprinkles, step by step, surfers, sweaters, switchfoot, the elms, the swift, third day, tooth and nail, u2, vanilla, vanilla coke, vanilla frosting, vh1, warren barfield, washington christian bookstore, water, wee sing, winning, work